How to Use Instagram without Posting to the Whole World

I love instagram! In fact, for me and my friends it has become the new Facebook for sharing our daily life images. But sometimes, I want to edit pictures using all of its cool features, but don’t want to share with my social media “friends.” I found a way to make those awesome edits, yet keep them all to myself! It’s as simple as changing your settings on your phone to airplane mode; easy peasy!

I went on a hunt and found the blog Teaching with Ipad. Check out more specifics and details on their site: How to use Instagram’s great features without its social sharing issues

I just used this tutorial today after our little Easter Egg Hunt. Here are some photos of the magic at work:

Change Settings to Air-plane Mode:

Go to Instagram and Select Your photo from your camera roll, crop, make edits and hit Next:

Create Your Caption and Click Share:

It will show that your action failed (but it didn’t, because this is what we want!):

It has been saved to your camera roll:

Now you are free to share with whom you want to, or keep it all for yourself! I hope this little tutorial is helpful. I know it was for me and I love having the control over my postings. Hoppy Learning, Hoppy Easter and Hoppy Instagramming!


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