Try it Thursday – Shadow Portrait

I purchased this frame from IKEA a couple of years ago and couldn’t really figure out what I should put in it.  I absolutely love this frame, but it is rather large. I could have placed a wedding photo in there, but I think that would have been a bit “too” much of Brandon and I, a tad narcissistic right?! Ha! I could have made it a chalkboard or found a mirror for it, but instead I decided to frame a silhouette of our daughter.

Ikea Frame

Here is how to do it:

1) Take a bunch of photos of your child from the side
2) Upload photos and choose your favorite
3) Copy the Image, Paste into a Word Document and Enlarge the Photo
4) Print out Photo
5) Cut out the photo
6) Trace on a sheet of Black Construction Paper
7) Cut out your new photo
8) Center and tape to your chosen background
(I used Peacock Silver Decorative paper from Paper Source. You could use wrapping paper, fabric, contact paper, wall paper, or whatever works for you.)
9) Hang and sit back and enjoy your artwork!

Well that’s the Try it Thursday for this week folks! I hope this inspires you to try something like this for your home!


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