Stuff I like Saturday – Schwinn Roadster Trike

My Dad was visiting and when he walked through the door, he said, “I have to get Milly this tricycle”. I was thinking OK, Dad, whatever, tricycle, sounds cool and all, but perhaps not necessary yet? But who was I to stop him from getting his granddaughter something he really thought she would like. A week later it arrived and low and behold, I am a convert of the trike. This thing is amazing! I can’t say enough good things about this cute little Trike! It is sturdy, even I stood on the back of it and scooted along! It is aesthetically pleasing in a perfect shade of pink with cool black fringe tassels, can you say rock star? Here is a picture of Amelia in all her Schwinn Roadster Glory:


Is she having fun or what?! This bike also adjusts as your child gets bigger. The seat moves back to extend the legs and I think it is definitely worth the cost! And did I mention it has a bell? We have one satisfied toddler on our hands! Thanks Dad!


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