WATF Wednesday – Mounted Cardboard Deer Head

So, I know the cardboard animal sensation is still kicking, come on.. you know it’s still cool! I mean look at this thing, it’s a total conversation piece!

Cardboard Safari Deer  Head

I purchased a medium sized deer head from Cardboard Safari. We opened the package and it was in pieces. We put it together in mere minutes and I thought…hmm…. it’s missing something.

So, what to do when you need something? The Good Will of course!  I ventured to our local store and low and behold I found the missing piece! It was an old wood rowing plaque! Now, I realize perhaps you won’t be as lucky to find a gem like this at your local thrift shop, so here is a potential source for buying a new wood plaque from Shop Hobby Lobby.

We then took some wood glue and applied it to the deer head and plaque. We let it sit overnight and Voila! Get out and WATF today!


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