Try it Thursday – Whisky/ey on the rocks (and no I don’t mean ice)

It’s Try it Thursday Folks! Woot woot! I was chatting with my hubby last night and he said, “Why not tell the world about whisky stones”? And what a great idea it was! Before I continue on, if you are as confused  as I was about the multiple spellings for what I thought was the same thing, you can learn a bit more about  Whiskey vs. Whisky: What’s the Difference on theKitchn.

If you are a whisky/ey drinker, you should definitely check these out, it doesn’t change the flavor, it just chills it to perfection! You add 3 or 4 stones to a glass and pour a small amount over the stones and let sit for five minutes and voila, perfect temp for drinking. My husband has the Teroforma Whisky Stones which is a really nice gift idea for your whisky enthusiasts. These are made in Vermont and comes from the oldest soapstone workshop in the US.

Teroforma Whisky Stones

Whisky Stones

For my husbands 40th Birthday party, I decided the coolest gift bag idea was to give our guests some of Brandon’s favorite whisky and his new found love of whisky stones. Guests were treated to 4 rocks in muslin bags and I heard rave reviews about their experiences.

However, when I was planning to give out these as gifts to our guests, I couldn’t really swing the Teroforma package option for each person, so I bought in bulk on Amazon sold by DBRoth. I also purchased my own muslin spice bags and it was so much more affordable for a group of 30 guests.

Brandon Bday New

Brandon Bday New2

Well that about does it for this Try it Thursday! I know that not everyone is a huge whisky/ey fan, myself included, but I have SO many friends and family that are. This is such a nice addition to your bar collection. Enjoy!


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