Feature Event Friday – Earth Day Urban Afternoon Floral Soiree

Hey Guys! Today is Feature Event Friday! My most favorite day and I wanted to knock you off your seats with giving you some fun DIY Earth Day inspiration for your own celebration. Earth Day will be celebrated on Monday, April 22nd and you can learn more about what you can do to support environmental efforts on the their website here: http://www.earthday.org/.

We live in Portland in a house that isn’t so big and we don’t have much of an outside space (a small patio) but we LOVE plants and flowers.  We do our best every summer to do some urban gardening and planting flowers in big pots. So, what a combination: host an intimate party , repurpose some of your household items and keep the greenery when you are done?! Perfect!

OK, so what inspired me? Milk Cartons and my Starbucks indulgence last week. I pulled them out of the recycling bin and looked at them and thought…..hmm… I am going to do something with this! And I did! Let me show you the magic that happened.

Earth Day

Earth Day

I used the Milk Carton here to make a Vase for the Plant.  I cut it in half and then applied pretty contact paper on the outside. I will explain more on these DIY projects in my post on WATF Wednesday, so stay tuned for more details on how to get your very own milk carton vase and other fun DIY tricks :)

Earth Day

I used paper bags with contact paper, twine and cut circles from the Coffee Cup sleeve and used a bike stamp to make the tags.

Earth Day

The cutlery holder is the Starbucks Coffee Cup (yes it was a Venti ;) with contact paper wrapped around it.


I re-used the Soda Holder to place plants in for decoration and eventual plantation in our urban garden (aka pots).

earth day

Yumm… Cucumber Water… doesn’t that just scream Earth Day?



When living in urban dwellings it is hard to have big parties, but this is a great idea on what you can do in a small space. Then the great part, is that you can plant your gorgeous greenery  in small pots and place them throughout your place. Bring a little green into your life! Stay tuned for more on the DIY projects that were featured today!


7 thoughts on “Feature Event Friday – Earth Day Urban Afternoon Floral Soiree

  1. Thank you for your sweet comments Wendy! I purchased this contact paper from our local Fred Meyer in Oregon, but I imagine it can be found in many stores across the country :)

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