Stuff I like Saturday – Record Store Day!

What to get for that friend that always seems to be so ahead of  the trend or is still working the handle bar mustache? A vinyl record, of course! Record sales have seen an increase in revenue over the past several years and it seems to appeal to the  true music enthusiast.  We have a vintage record player that is currently not working, but some day we will get it fixed; I miss hearing the Fleet Foxes on vinyl!

I think this could very well be one of the most hipster of holidays out there! Happy Record Store Day! Go out and get your groove on at a local Record Store. Check out an event in your area!

Record Vinyl


3 thoughts on “Stuff I like Saturday – Record Store Day!

  1. What other hipster holidays do you you know about? This one was a fun throwback! I think my mom must be a hipster then judging by how many records she has! ;)

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