Try it Thursday – DIY Party Favor Bags

Hey Guys! It’s Try it Thursday and I thought I would share with you how I created the cute Party Favor Bags in Friday’s Feature Event. I had some paper lunch bags at home and knew that I wanted to use these for the party favor bags. I personally love the earthy brown paper bag style anyway, so I knew it was just the right idea for my soiree!

DIY Party Favor Bag

What you will Need:

1) Paper Bags
2) Rubber Stamp and Ink
3) Hole Punch
4) Twine
5) Contact Paper
6) Scissors
7) Material for Tag (I used the sleeve from my Starbucks coffee cup, but you could use anything paper or fabric)

How I Made the Party Favor Bags:

The Party Favor Tags came from the Coffee Sleeve of my Venti Starbucks cup. I cut a circle and used my bicycle stamp to apply a perfect Earth Day type of graphic. Next, I used my hole puncher and placed a hole in the center of the tag.

Bicycle Stamp Party Favor Tag

I placed the goodies inside of the bag and folded and creased the bag over. I then cut the contact paper to the size I wanted and wrapped around the bag. I placed two punch holes at the top of the bag and attached the graphic tag on with twine. Voila! Easy DIY Party Favor Bag!

DIY Party Favor Bag

Earth Day 2

This was such an easy and fun DIY paper favor bag to do! You can get really creative with this and I hope it has inspired you to try out a favor bag for your next gathering!


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