Super Easy Pulled Chicken BBQ Crock-Pot Recipe – Perfect for Game Days!

Since I have been super busy lately, of course I decided to use my most favorite appliance ever, yes that’s right, the crock pot! When I was growing up, I used to go to a local artisan fair called Foundry Day and one of the food stands served pulled pork BBQ and man were those things finger licking good! I seriously counted down the days until I could get my sandwich every year!

BBQ Chicken

I was craving this type of meal, but I only had chicken on hand and who knew it could come out tasting almost the exact same as my summertime favorite pork sandwich! I also made the American favorite summertime side, coleslaw to accompany the sandwich. My family ooo’ed and aww’ed with each bite. Here is how it’s done:

Ingredients for Chicken BBQ:

2 Boneless Chicken Breasts
1 bottle of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce (the secret ingredient… best BBQ sauce ever!)
1 Onion Diced

Cooking Instructions:

Place all ingredients in Crock Pot, set on low and cook for 4 hours. After about 4 hours you can take the lid off and pull apart the chicken, it should just fall apart with two forks. And let it on warm until your family gets home.

Healthy Coleslaw

Ingredients for Cole Slaw:

1 16 oz. bag of Cole Slaw mix
1/2 cup low fat mayonnaise
2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
Dash of Brown Sugar
1 tbsp. of Dijon Mustard
Dash of Black Pepper

Mixing Instructions:

Mix Mayo, vinegar, brown sugar and Dijon mustard in a bowl. Place Cole Slaw in separate bowl and poor mixture over top and stir. If it is a bit too thick you can add more vinegar or perhaps milk. This is so easy! I found this Easy Low Fat Coleslaw recipe on They also added celery seed, I just didn’t have any on hand.

This meal was insane! It was so yummy and a perfect easy peasy weeknight meal! This combo is also a great warm weather kind of meal. How often do you use your crock?


4 thoughts on “Super Easy Pulled Chicken BBQ Crock-Pot Recipe – Perfect for Game Days!

  1. So delicious! I’m going to try this tonight but use the pressure cooker instead! If you don’t have one get one!

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