WATF Wednesday – Repurpose your Invites to Make a Banner

Hey Guys! It’s WATF Wednesday! Woot Woot! Our daughter just had her 2nd birthday and we had a little Dora Fiesta party to celebrate. She is obsessed with Dora these days, in fact many mornings the first word out of her mouth is… Dora!! So, it was a no brainer for us to have a Dora theme for our nugget.

I was originally looking on paperstyle and tinyprints for invites, but as I was walking around in Target one day, I spotted some Dora invites on serious sale, and of course I bought them :)  It ended up that I purchased too many, as I wasn’t quite sure the size of the party at the time, so I had all these extra invites lying around.  Having two full packs left, I thought to myself, “what can I do with these”? And it came to me; I will make flag banners! Perfectly Imperfect easy decorations!

Dora Banner

What you need:

Hole Puncher

How to make the banner:

1) Cut the invites in triangle shapes.
2) Place holes in corners of Triangles with hole puncher
3) Thread twine through the Triangles.
4) Hang in location of choice.

Voila! Easy matching banner for your party! I also used these to make a little pendant banner for her cake, which you will see later this week! I didn’t feel like spending an insane amount of money on a customized cake, so I did it myself :) Have you done something like this before? Have you found other purposes for your left over invites?


5 thoughts on “WATF Wednesday – Repurpose your Invites to Make a Banner

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