Try it Thursday – Ebates your way into savings and a BIG fat check!

It’s Try it Thursday folks and I wanted to share with you an awesome resource I was introduced to many years ago from a dear friend of mine. I do a lot of online shopping, because having a toddler cuts into my shopping time, except for the grocery store, I feel like I am always there! Going to Target is a treat for me these days, total party animals here at the Wick residence :)

So, since I am ordering online for clothes, shoes, diapers, etc., why not also get money back? That’s right, you heard me, get money back! So here is the secret. If you head to the website before making a purchase, you might be able to get money back!  Around 1200 stores participate with the program, so most of the time the online shop you are ordering from will be affiliated. Another bonus is that the site lists a bunch of promotional codes to use on top of your cash back savings! Seriously, this is a win-win!

And I know this may sound kind of sales-y or something, but I am only sharing this with you because I have benefited from this so much over these past couple of years! I wanted to pass this on, just as my friend did to me (thank you Sharon) many years ago.  And this is not a scam or a joke, I swear! I even found a great article to read on this fact at What is Ebates? Is it a Scam? Read My Review! I just received a $40 payment into my paypal account for my purchases over the last couple of months, but I have had checks reach almost $200!

So, there you have it! Now the hard part is to remember to go to ebates every time before purchasing something online. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to do that and I kick myself for it! Help your wallet by trying it Thursday on ebates! You’re welcome :) Have you used ebates or another type of service to help you save money?

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