Mood Board Monday – IKEA for your living room, without looking too “IKEA”

Hey Guys! It’ s Mood Board Monday and I wanted to talk about IKEA for a minute. Who doesn’t love IKEA? I mean its easy, its affordable, its good looking and every time I am at the store I spend hours upon hours envisioning their stuff in my house. As wonderful as it is, the downside is that I do not want my house to look like an IKEA show room or to look identical to my neighbors house! So, I scoured and found some great furniture pieces and décor items for your living room that are from IKEA, but have the ambiguity of perhaps being from somewhere else. These are staple items that will save your wallet and can be the base for your living room as you add your treasures from your local flea market or thrift store!

{STOCKHOLM Three Seat SofaBILD Poster/ STOCKHOLM Coffee Table/ KOLDBY Cowhide Rug/ EIVOR Blanket/ ALANG Ceiling Lamp/ STOCKHOLM Sofa Table/ SONGE Mirror/ STRANDMON Chair}

And of course I had to put a bird on it, I am from Portland and all ;) I personally am swooning over that green couch! Thank you Stockholm collection for bringing us something classic and a little less “IKEA” looking.

What do you think? Do you like any of these items?


2 thoughts on “Mood Board Monday – IKEA for your living room, without looking too “IKEA”

  1. I agree that couch is amazing, it’s such a perfect color! I think literally every single piece of furniture in my apartment except two things are all from Ikea!

    • I am in love with that couch Kacie! I think in our next home she will be mine :) We have a lot of ikea too, but I do all I can to personalize our space with vintage finds! Glad you liked :)

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