Mood Board Monday – It’s Sookie Style

It’s Mood Board Monday! To celebrate the return of True Blood, I wanted to create a mood board to recreate Sookie’s Wardrobe. As we all know, she is styled to look like the “average” girl, but I wanted to take her wardrobe staples and update them a bit.  To quote Eric Northman from last night’s episode, “To me you will always be that girl in the white dress.”

{White Floral Dress/ Bandonlino Wedge/ Floral Peplum Top/ High Waist Denim Short/ Belted White Lace Dress/ Gala Dress/ Floral Chambray Dress/ Red Cardigan/ Tom’s Crochet Classic/ Denim Shirt/ Tie Dye Skirt/ Polka Dot Dress}

I didn’t want to take away Sookie’s love for denim, florals, and dresses, so I stuck within those themes and added a bit more style to her overall look. What do you think? Were you as excited as I was for the return of True Blood?


2 thoughts on “Mood Board Monday – It’s Sookie Style

  1. woah, I love the photos you incorporated! My favorite is the Anthro Gala Dress (the white one). Personally, I love Anthropologie’s clothing and the aura the store emits-what about you? Although I haven’t watched true blood, your post makes me want to. Also, if you don’t mind, I’d love it if you’d take a peek at my blog!

    • Hi @Cringing! Thank you for your comment! I am in love with the Gala dress myself! That might not fully be Sookie Style, but I thought she could rock that! I adore Anthropologie and love the experience when I am there! I will definitely check out your blog! Thanks again :)

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