Feature Friday – What I want for Summer

Hey Guys! Happy first day of summer to you! I hope it feels more like summer where you are, than it does here in Portland. The thought of summertime and the beach has been taking over my brain lately with visions of sand, sun, bicycles, ice cream, and all those fun summery things! We are heading to Cape May with my folks this summer and I want to have some cool gear for our vacation. I can’t wait to lounge on the beach in style!

{Bathing Beauty One-Piece/ Monogrammed Tote Bag/ Lobamba Sunglasses/ Midway Fedora/ Linen V-Neck Dress/ Basic Thong Sandal/ Trail Remix Radio/ Black and White Box Cooler/ Black and White Beach Umbrella/ Black Low Back Beach Chair}

Oh man.. I am in love with some of these things! What are you taking with you on your beach adventures this summer? Do you have any must have items on your list? Happy Summer Days to you!


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