Sunday Fun-Day – It’s Milly Mommy Day!

Today was a Milly and Mommy day! It was super hot here in Portland and we found some things to do to help us stay cool. We ventured to the Portland Children’s Museum and then hit up Dairy Queen for some scrumptious Blizzards. Milly is just like her Nana and is a super fan of the DQ!  I then ended the fun day indulging in my Sweet Paul Mag, which I was a little late to the scene on this purchase, but better late than never!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Stay cool!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Fun-Day – It’s Milly Mommy Day!

  1. Oh man — maybe even hotter than super hot today, I was melting! But like you I also found ice cream to help cool down. =) We recently discovered this fun ice cream shop called Cloud City on Woodstock. Totally delicious, check it out sometime if you’re in the area!

    • Thanks for the tip! We are pretty close to Woodstock and will for sure add that into our rotation :) Its going to be a hot one tomorrow too! Stay cool!

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