WATF Wednesday – Repurpose that Cute Wine Box

Happy WATF Wednesday! I went shopping today for some 4th of July goodies and of course it entailed a little beer and wine ;) As I was checking out, the very kind cashier asked if I wanted a box to carry all of my bottles. And how could I refuse this offer? And to my surprise, I looked at the box and was totally smitten! It was a box from Confectioners Wine Angel Cake and I absolutely loved the design! If I had seen the bottle in the store I probably would have bought some because I love the label so much, yes that is how I buy my wine sometimes! ha!

I came home and looked at the box and thought… I need to do something with this! Then… a light bulb went on. I have been wanting to cover our new internet router we have downstairs on our record player. I am going to cut out the picture and frame it. And I did just that and it looks amazing! I love when DIY things come together unexpectedly.



What do you think? I am seriously over the moon about this print and the color matches our walls perfectly! What DIY project did you accidentally stumble into?


3 thoughts on “WATF Wednesday – Repurpose that Cute Wine Box

  1. Such a cool idea!!! And btw…doesn’t everyone buy the wine with the prettiest label? That’s how I roll!! ;)

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