Unexpected Cards from Best Friends

Happy Weekend guys! I want to share with you one of the highlights of my weekend. It all started when I went to the mail box. I pulled out a pile of envelopes and within that pile of bills and junk mail, I noticed a special envelope pour moi.

Card from Steph

I knew instantly it was from one of my dearest friends, Stephanie, because of the cool label and bird envelope (the girl has mad style). I opened the card and it was a note just saying hi and that she was thinking of me. How awesome is that? There is nothing more special than a friend that just sends you a note, and not an email, but an actual write it out and mail it kind of note.

Thanks Steph for making my weekend! I wish we could hang out every day, laugh over silly kid stories over a big glass of our favorite red juice, eat your delicious gluten free goodies and watch the Sound of Music while singing as loudly as we can, this damn coastal separation is a killer! Love you!

steph and Summer

I am so thankful to have such amazing friends and what better way to show a friend you care? Have you sent your best friend a note lately?


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