Target rocks my Foxy Socks off!

It’s the weekend, can I get a woot woot?! Milly and I were out shopping for some groceries and some other items at Target (I never can just stick to the plan when it comes to Target). As I was heading to the check out line, I was drawn to the fall colors like a moth to a flame. Target had staged a whole Home Décor section with the perfect blend of Fall colors… blues and burgundy’s… oh my! Here are a couple of items that caught my eye and must have for my kitchen this Fall.

Can you say hello to my new friend…. The Fox Cookie Jar!

Fox Cookie Jar Target

How stinking cute is this guy? I searched everywhere for this little guy on the website and had zero luck finding a link to it, but I sware it’s in stores right now! I do believe all items are a part of the Threshold Series.

And I also want these two baking items to match my little fox cookie jar. They will not only be cute, but useful.

Spatula Target

Blue Baking Pan Target

There you have it, Stuff I like Saturday! What are you eyeing up for your kitchen? Do you change things out as the seasons change?


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