ALT Summit Business Card Photo Session – the Hubs Nails it!

Hey Guys! So, I am SO excited to be heading to Salt Lake City for the ALT Summit this year! But, from all the reading I have done on numerous blogs, I am encouraged to bring at least 200 business cards. And do I have business cards? Nope, not yet anyway!

So, with that, means the slight pressure of making a kick ass, memorable card. I am still debating between going with the always cute minted or the more economical Tiny Prints, so stay tuned with my final selection, but first I needed a good picture. And the picture needs to be relatable, but cute enough to hand out at ALT Summit to some of the most fashionable and stylish people on the planet! (seriously, no pressure)

Who to turn to? Yup, the hubs! Look at him in action!

Brandon Wick

And can I say, he did an amazing job. I seriously hate, I mean HATE taking pictures and I think he snapped quite a few good ones!

Here are several shots taken. And be warned, an absurd number of photos of just me, all by my lonesome, grinning through the awkwardness of taking a photo, follows :)

There you have it! I am still sifting through all of the photos, it’s sort of weird just looking at pictures of myself, but I will reveal my final card here in the next couple of weeks. Are you making business cards for your blog? Did you put a photo on it? Are you heading to the ALT Summit this year?


4 thoughts on “ALT Summit Business Card Photo Session – the Hubs Nails it!

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