Father’s Day DIY Wrapping Paper Meets World Cup: GO USA!!

Hey Guys! So who is watching the World Cup action? The Wick household certainly is!

That USA game was off the charts intense and history did NOT repeat itself! Way to go team! And in case you are big fans and you were watching the whole drama of Landon Donovan not being selected for the team, here is an amazing video clip that shows Donovan finding the humor in the situation with a big dose of humility. Well played sir, well played! We miss you, but the team is going strong and I can not wait to keep on watching!

So, with the World Cup starting and Father’s Day happening all in the same weekend, what better way to celebrate than getting the hubby some USA gear? Amelia and I crafted and made our own wrapping paper and tags. We had so much fun doing it together and I wanted to share some photos of our Father’s Day DIY adventures!

We had some basic brown bag paper at home and we decided to stamp it to add some flair. This was a project Amelia was totally in to!

Why All the Fuss Stamped Paper


I then took my Paper Source heating embosser and dried the ink. I did this to ensure the ink didn’t smear all over the place!

Why all the Fuss DIY Paper Wrapping


Next, Amelia made her chalk tag. I then had her write on the card, tape up her gift with some decorative washi and we were ready for gifting!

Why all the Fuss DIY Wrapping PaperWhy all the Fuss Father's DayWhy all the Fuss Father's Day 

And here is Brandon enjoying his new Father’s Day Gear. He was so excited to sport these new duds during the Ghana game. In fact, I think he thinks they helped the USA defeat Ghana :)

Father's DayFather's Day


I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the father figures in your life and are supporting your favorite World Cup team! Are you watching? What team are you routing for?


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