Kinfolk launches Ouur: A Clothing and Home Goods Line

So, if you haven’t heard of Kinfolk yet, then perhaps you haven’t been hanging around enough food to table enthusiasts or aging hipsters! Kinfolk has changed the face of magazines and now they are looking to change or I should say, bring a new freshness, to the fashion world. They have launched their clothing and home goods line called Ouur. After browsing through photos from their Copenhagen photo shoot, I wanted each piece and wanted to know when and where I could get them ASAP!  This line is SO good!

The Ouur line and is simple and understated, yet interesting. They are using high quality fabrics from across the globe such as linens and wools, neutral palettes, and classic silhouettes. The style is influenced by the less is more model of Scandinavian and Japanese design. The only issue I have, is that the Ouur clothing line is only sold in Japan! But with a little digging and reading on the web, they are expected to be arriving State-Side in the Fall. Whew!

In the meantime, here are some pics from the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection to tide you over until a store or online shop is near you!

Ouur Cotton Stole and Haori Jacket Ouur Chester Wool CoatOuur Hooded Coat Ouur Linen Basking Blouse Ouur Linen Everyday Shirt and Peter Pan Collar Coat Ouur Linen Shawl Shirt Ouur Long Linen Overshirt Ouur Long Linen Overshirt1 Ouur Men's Linen Button Turtleneck Shirt Ouur Peter Pan Collar and Overshirt Ouur Peter Pan Collar Dress

{Photos are courtesy of Ouur Collection}

Well, I hope that tickled your fashion fancy as much as it did mine! I seriously will be the first person in line to snatch up that Peter Pan Collar Dress! Swoon! What do you think about this new Kinfolk venture? Are you as excited as this Portlander? Or are you on the fence? I would love to hear from you!


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