What to Wear on that Very First Day of a New Job: Casual Cool

Hi Guys! So, I have been going through some changes here the last couple of weeks (hence for my total lack of updates). Both the hubby and I are in the midst of some change. For me, I decided to leave my beloved Personal Stylist position with Anthropologie for the opportunity to work with a lighting and life style company I have been swooning over since I moved here to Portland. I am officially working at Schoolhouse Electric Co. and I am loving every minute! If you  haven’t heard of them, I would highly recommend checking out the website to take in all of the glorious products they offer.

But, with this change, comes the first day nerves and what in the world to wear? Of course that was what I was worried about, what outfit was going to best represent me and how to stay authentic to myself, but be viewed by new colleagues as someone who is on trend, cool, smart, yet not too over done or trying too hard.  And my outfit began with my beloved Lotta Clogs, as you all know my total obsession with all things Swedish and Clogs lately :) So, the thought process began and this is what outfit transpired in my tornado of pulling things from my closet.

Casual Cool Inspiration Board

(1.) Lotta’s Tan Leather Clog (2). Steven Alan Women’s Oversize Stand-Collar Chambray Shirt (3) Pilcro Serif Legging Jean (4) Viajero Leather Tote (5) Madewell Bookclub Glasses (6) Gold Wreath Studs

Sorry I don’t have an actual picture of myself in this outfit, but I can attest to the fact that it was cute, without being too over done or trying too hard. I finished this look off with a pop of lipstick and I was off to learn about lighting and lifestyle products. Also, those Madewell glasses are solid enough to turn into your RX glasses, which is what a lot of people do! So, what do you think of this outfit? Would you wear something like this on your first day of work?


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