I Fancy That: IKEA Mirror Makeover

Hi Guys! So, I think you all know that I am now working for the amazing lifestyle and lighting company called Schoolhouse Electric and all day I stand around looking at the most beautiful things. I swoon and gawk and daydream about one day having these items in my house. Aww… it would be a good life in deed. The kicker?! Oh, yeah I don’t really have the funds to have all the things I want, so what to do? Yup, DIY it!

So, my most recent fancy obsession, as I stroll through the store, is the Higgins Mirror made with Natural Brass. Look at how amazing this mirror is?

photo by Schoolhouse Electric

{Image Courtesy of Schoolhouse Electric}

With this dream, comes the contemplation and pinterest haze. And after hours of searching picture upon picture, validation was confirmed; I can make this happen! We bought this Grundtal IKEA mirror years ago for Amelia’s Nursery and I was going to turn it into something “fancy”:

Grundtal Mirror IKEA

Since moving, we are no longer using this mirror in her bedroom, so naturally it was fair game for the dining room. I looked at Brandon and said, “You up for another spray paint project?!” And his response, “Do I really have a choice?”! Ha! And this is what transpired from silver to gold. Presto!

Why all the Fuss IKEA Mirror Makeover

Why all the Fuss IKEA Mirror Makeover

Why all the Fuss IKEA Mirror Makeover

It’s pretty good right?! Not exactly the Higgins Mirror that I will some day proudly display in my home, but it’s not too shabby for the thrifty designer. There you have it folks, another spray paint victory in the books! What have you spray painted lately?


6 thoughts on “I Fancy That: IKEA Mirror Makeover

  1. Love your updated version. Do you think this mirror is large enough to display above a console table in entryway? How is the quality? Thanks, Melissa.

    • Hi Melissa! I have had my mirror for years and it’s held up through multiple moves! We now have it over our fireplace mantel, so I definitely think it’s big enough. 😊

  2. Thank you for the feedback. I ave had my eye on the one from Rejuvenation but not in my budget. Your DIY has given me hope of something just as great. Can you provide any tips on the spray painting process?

  3. Thank you for your feedback. I have been eyeing one on Rejuvenation but of course way out of my budget. You have given me hope that something inexpensive can look just as great. Can you share any spray painting tips, and/or posted on your blog?

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