Men’s 2014 Fall Fashion Picks on a Budget: Get the Look!

Hi Everyone! I keep hearing jokes about my season coming to an end (if this is your first visit to my blog, a little hint: my name is Summer), and I politely chuckle as each person seems to think they have originally come up with that joke all on their own. But what they don’t realize, is that I am  never sad to see the end of my season, because that means Fall is on the horizon! Nothing makes me smile quite like a good sweater! Well, maybe there is one thing, err…. several things, a man in a good sweater and a good pair of boots and a bargain!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find some good duds for the season. Take a look at my budget friendly picks for men, and guess what? They are all from H&M! That’s right, one stop shopping for all your Autumn needs.  Considering that most men I know don’t really like to go shopping, if it can be done all in one spot, then, that’s a total win!

Dress for Less for Men

These top picks are all about the basics for the season and what will get you the most out of your wardrobe. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like you stepped out of the JCrew catalogue, but trust me, you will look pretty darn close!

Let’s begin! Every man needs at least two pairs of bottoms and one should  be a jean and another a chino pant. I lean towards the straight and skinny fits. These two are my top H&M picks for the season.

Next we should think about what goes on top. I recommend a denim and a plaid flannel button down for the season. These shirts are versatile and can be worn in so many ways. They can go from casual to dressy and will give you the most bang for your buck!

When it gets a little chilly and you need some layers, I recommend having both a wool sweater and a pull over hoodie style sweatshirt in your wardrobe. You can add these over your button down shirts or they can fly solo!

Now that we have the basics, let’s have some fun and add some accessories. I am swooning for this faux leather weekend bag, it’s so good! Also, the desert boot is an easy shoe to not only walk long distances through the city, but the more you wear them, the better they get! And every man needs a winter hat and a neutral color jacket to go with most of your things this Fall and Winter!

So, there you have it fella’s, my take on men’s fashion this fall season. And for all of these pieces you know what the total cost is? Drum roll please….. For these 10 items your total comes to $344.50! Now, I know this isn’t like going to the Goodwill and scoring some serious finds from your favorite Name Brand Designer, but for 10 pieces that includes a winter coat, boots, a faux leather bag, sweaters and more! Wow! That is an amazing price tag!

What do you think of these fashion finds? What will you be sporting once the cooler weather sets in?



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