Birthday Celebrations in Astoria, Oregon

Hey ya’ll! So, I had a birthday not that long ago and turning 38 felt great! (Rhymed, did you get that?!) The hubby is always the best at planning birthday celebrations. In fact, every year he comes up with some sort of catch phrase. For example, one year it was 32 with a view (which had a hot air balloon ride involved), then it was 33 and take it easy (we went to wine country), then it was 34 and pregnant no more (also involving wine), etc. OK, I think you get the point and this year 38 and feeling great led us to Astoria, Oregon for a little getaway.

Where to stay when you have one night in Astoria? Well, we somehow scored the very last room at the Commodore Hotel and thank goodness we did because this place was perfect! It was thoughtfully designed with a European boutique flair, a coffee/breakfast spot was located on the bottom floor, it was within walking distance from anything you could possibly need and to top it off, affordable!


Commodore Hotel



Commodore Hotel

In the morning we headed to the Street 14 Coffee Shop conveniently located in the bottom of the hotel. This place gets packed, so get there early on the weekends. Their breakfast sandwiches were out of this world!


14th Street Coffee Shop

14th Street Coffee

During the Day we went to a couple of vintage shops and ended up scoring some small goodies from Astoria Vintage Hardware. They also host flea markets on the weekend. That night at dinner we pulled out our collection of items and told (completely made up) each other stories about the photos we found. It was kind of nerdy, but so fun!

Astoria Vintage and Hardware

For dinner we were torn between Baked Alaska (our tried and true) that has the most amazing seafood entrees or a new cool Portland-esque spot across from our hotel called Albatross & Co. Since we couldn’t decide, we ended up going to both and we were glad we did!







We rounded things out with the Astoria Sunday Market, some Ice Cream along the water at Frite and Scoop and did some more local shopping. I would sum up the 38 birthday festivities as top notch! Have you been to Astoria? What are some of your favorite things to do?


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