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About Me:

Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by Why all the Fuss (WATF).  I know, I know.. I am so late to the whole blog scene, but I hope I can make up for my tardiness by blowing you away with some amazing ideas, stories, features and content!

My name is Summer and I am a mother, daughter, wife, friend, sister and lover of all things design, food and events. I hail from the blog sphere land of Portland, OR and I am hoping to be added to the ever growing list of beloved bloggers from the Green State. I am the Marketing Project Manager for Schoolhouse Electric and love every minute of my job! I am surrounded by talented and creative individuals, while getting to look at amazing products everyday, doesn’t get better than that.

I find great joy in scoring a major deal on craigslist, re-purposing found items, spray painting, taking photos, posting on instagram, paper decor, DIY’ing projects for parties and holidays, stamping, interior design, and bringing a personal touch into all things event and design related

The WATF motto is, “perfection is boring”. My blog is devoted to all things life style, while looking perfectly imperfect. Some things are meant to be without all the fuss (or at least look like it). Please feel free to send me an email and thanks for taking the time to check out my little blog!


2 thoughts on “About WATF

    • Thank you for your kind words! The cucumber soda is from the brand Dry Soda. I purchased these at Fred Meyer, a chain grocery store here in Oregon. I think you can find where their products are sold on their website http://www.drysoda.com. Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)

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