What To Do With That Cool Built In That Is Super Shallow and Seems To Have Zero Purpose

Hi guys! So, this past week, I was finally fed up with looking at this empty built in that is in our dining room. It’s an original built in from 1954 and as cool as it is with it’s 4 shelf storage, it’s … Continue reading

Elephant Creamer Meets the Succulent

Hi Guys! I think most of you know I work for Anthropologie, but for those new to Why All the Fuss, it’s true, I work there :) So, a couple of months ago I rolled into the store and the … Continue reading

Sundy Funday – Vine to Table

We were out watering our flowers and plants today and I noticed we had a couple tomatoes to pull off the vine. There is nothing more rewarding than eating what you grow, especially as urbanites that only have a patio … Continue reading

Sunday Fun-Day – Mt. Hood Adventure with Friends

This weekend we had some dear friends visit Oregon and we met up with them in one of our favorite spots, Mt. Hood. We stayed in a cabin and the kids enjoyed every second they had together. They had such … Continue reading

WATF Wednesday – Milk Carton and Coffee Cup DIY Project

WATF Wednesday – Milk Carton and Coffee Cup DIY Project

Today’s WATF Wednesday showcases some of the DIY projects I did for last week’s Feature Event for Earth Day. I pulled out a Milk Carton and Starbucks coffee cup from my recycling bin and decided to re-use and restyle! Here is … Continue reading

Sunday Fun-Day – Please Plant Me

Sunday Fun-Day – Please Plant Me

It’s Sunday Fun-Day! What is more fun than plants, flowers and getting dirty?  Umm… not a whole lot! The whole process of planting is so fun from picking the ones that work for you and your home, getting your hands into the soil, … Continue reading