Elephant Creamer Meets the Succulent

Hi Guys! I think most of you know I work for Anthropologie, but for those new to Why All the Fuss, it’s true, I work there :) So, a couple of months ago I rolled into the store and the … Continue reading

Kinfolk launches Ouur: A Clothing and Home Goods Line

So, if you haven’t heard of Kinfolk yet, then perhaps you haven’t been hanging around enough food to table enthusiasts or aging hipsters! Kinfolk has changed the face of magazines and now they are looking to change or I should say, bring … Continue reading

Father’s Day DIY Wrapping Paper Meets World Cup: GO USA!!

Hey Guys! So who is watching the World Cup action? The Wick household certainly is! That USA game was off the charts intense and history did NOT repeat itself! Way to go team! And in case you are big fans … Continue reading

DIY Valentine’s Card using Raisins

Hi Guys! So, as we are all aware from our daily news feed, this week is all about celebrating the beloved, or not so beloved, Valentine’s Day. Some of us love the holiday, while others run as far as possible from this day! But as … Continue reading

Having a Skull of a Time – Easy Halloween DIY Project

Hi Guys! I’m back! I just know you missed me! :) I have been off doing lots of fun events and didn’t have the bandwidth to post, but I am here now and I am so happy to be back in … Continue reading

Sundy Funday – Vine to Table

We were out watering our flowers and plants today and I noticed we had a couple tomatoes to pull off the vine. There is nothing more rewarding than eating what you grow, especially as urbanites that only have a patio … Continue reading